Why I Love Dancesport (a.k.a Competitive Ballroom Dancing) – April 29, 2013

Someone asked me recently why I love Dancesport so much. I didn’t hesitate to answer. I love it because it combines both artistry and athleticism!

Dancesport gets you in shape from head to toe. I discover new muscles every time I practice and I know many others share in this sentiment. One must only look at a top dancers body to see the amazing affects of dance and the athleticism developed through years of practice and dedication.

Consider running as an analogy.

Short distance runners must use every ounce of strength, agility and power to explode from the start gate and push through to the very last second as they cross the finish line. This can be likened to dancing each of the dances in your heat at a competition. Each dance, usually under 2 minutes, is like its own race. It’s interesting to note that in Latin, Rhythm, Standard and Smooth, the final dance of the heat is the quickest. It is similar to the last 20meters of a running race where your legs are burning but the finish line is near and you must push through.

Long distance runners must build up stamina, endurance and be able to assess how much energy to exert to ensure that they don’t run out of steam before finishing the race. A dance competition with multiple rounds is similar to a long distance run or some would even say a marathon of sorts. Dancers keep going out on the floor over and over again. In large competitions, dancers will be on the floor starting from early morning and well into the night as they work their way through rounds.

Dancers interpret the music through their bodies. They create stories! And if they’re really good, they can evoke emotions you never expected. A great performance can move you to tears or inspire you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Dancing, like other forms of art including music, visual art, and theatre require complete immersion. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, it’s hard to convince others. Great dancers leave a little piece of themselves on the floor each time they dance.

Dancesport brings together artistic and athletic components in a beautifully intricate way. The combination of these two elements is what has made me fall in love with what I do over and over again.

Thank you Dancesport – you are truly one of a kind!


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