Team Building – July 5, 2013

I hold two business degrees and have spent a lot of time in both corporate and non-corporate environments. When I was trying to find a way to integrate my business life with ballroom dancing, I realized that team building is a natural fit. In fact, there are countless ballroom dancing tools that we apply to team building efforts with our clients and ourselves.

– This is key in the workplace or frankly any type of life situation. Ballroom dancing teaches you how to articulate yourself in a clear, direct and positive manner. Furthermore, non-verbal communication cues can oftentimes impact the outcome of a conversation more so than the verbal portion. Learning how your face and body can convey certain messages is more than half the battle.

– Trusting yourself and respecting your colleagues is crucial to the success of any team endeavor. In dance, one partner needs to lead and the other must follow. This means giving up some control. There are valuable lessons that can be applied to workplace situations when it comes to trust and respect.

– Without collaboration and teamwork, a ballroom dancing couple would not be able to take a single step. The same is true for the workplace. Learning how to leverage people’s unique skills and form a collaborative culture is monumental to the success of the team.

This is just the start! There are so many ways to bring the skills learned on the dance floor to your life. Dancing doesn’t have to end when you leave the studio.


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